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Bridge Design by Interactive Design Systems  

 New Release! Bridge Designer II (BD2) Version 4 has been released as a major upgrade and is being used by several consultants.



“LoBuono Weidlinger has used BD2 and BD2GUI for several current projects (SR9A / I-295 / I-95 Interchange In Jacksonville FL and the Victory Bridge in New Jersey), and we are using MC3D on several construction sites in Florida.”



BD2 version 4 Introduced!

Interactive Design Systems (IDS) develops and markets Design & Analysis Software for Civil Engineers who are creating complex bridges. Our primary products are:

BD2 - 2D Bridge Design & Analysis

BD3 - 3D Bridge Design & Analysis

MC3D - 3D Bridge Construction Geometry Control

Complex Bridges require extensive engineering with time-dependent modeling and analysis, which cannot be performed economically by hand. Competitor’s software applications perform some analysis “in a vacuum” – lacking the interactive features needed for engineers to optimize their designs. IDS software is designed by veteran bridge designers, who understand the need for interactivity for maximum productivity and the ability to quickly iterate a design until it is optimized.

IDS Bridge Design and Construction software sets new standards for ease of use. We are totally focused on Bridge Design engineering, and have many years experience as designers of both complex bridges and software to assist in this important task. Our applications are built to conform to international standards, including AASHTO. Every software application that we create is designed with the following in mind:

  1. Create the easiest application to use in it's class
  2. Enable the highest productivity for the user, saving countless man-hours of labor in the process
  3. Provide innovative, advanced features to enable the most comprehensive and safest bridge design & analysis possible

Using analysis software should not be difficult. At IDS we strive to engineer state-of-the-art software that meets user’s requirements in a standard operating environment. This site has been designed to be a comprehensive resource on IDS's Bridge Design Software and Services. Please take your time to explore it completely at your leisure. If at any point you would like to ask us a question, please feel free to do so using the IDS Contact Form. We look forward to hearing form you!


BD2 uses basic matrix structural analysis formulation combined with time-dependent material properties, to carry out a Time Simulation of a structure under construction. During this process, all stress conditions are checked at every construction step and in service.



BD3 provides a 3-dimensional environment in which it performs a time simulation of construction stages for concrete pre- and post-tensioned structures.



The MC3D geometry control program Is used to monitor the casting operations and establish “as-cast” curves step-by-step to verify that the actual superstructure geometry is in close agreement with the geometry described in the design documents.


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